Dear animal lovers and donkey enthusiasts,


A lot has happened, unfortunately not all of it good. On September 5th, the new board of trustees for the period 2023 to 2028 was elected, or rather, the existing board was reconfirmed for the next 5 years. That's the good news.


The concerning development is the rise in feed costs; before the pandemic and the Ukraine war, we used to pay €21 for a 400 kg bale of straw. Now, our supplier is asking for €100 plus 10% VAT for the same bale. The situation is similar with grain. Water costs have increased from €4500 per year to €9000 per year. As if that's not enough, the large tractor has suffered a total breakdown. Many donkey sponsors have left us during this period. Finding new sponsors for donkeys is very challenging in these times.


Therefore, the board of trustees has decided to adjust the number of donkeys to match the expenses and income. This is a difficult decision for us. We urge all donkey sponsors and sponsors to consider how much they can contribute and voluntarily increase their support. This way, we can avoid having to give up as few animals as possible. Thank you. Thanks to those who already support us so generously with voluntary extra donations; this message is not intended for them. We hope and ask for your understanding.


The board of trustees: Jürgen, Andrea, Edith, and Alex


Xalo, September 7, 2023



We have terminated and closed the bank account with Deutsche Bank Moraira/Denia.

We kindly ask everyone who has made transfers there to only transfer to the Sabadell Spain account.

Thank you.


Donation Account in Spain:

Sabadell Xaló 


Banco Sabadell
IBAN ES85 0081 1068 71 0001032011


all look for donation
all look for donation


In the Name of the Patronage we would like give you a warm Welcome.We will give you a brief Insight to our Work in the Hope that afterwards you will be sponsoring a Donkey (40.00€) monthly or take a Partsponsorship (10.00€) per Month.Without Sponsors we are unaible to push the Project forward.Most People do not know how many Breeds of Donkeys there are and worse most of them are threatened with Extinction till far under 100 Donkeys per Breed.We had to learn from this Disaster that is not enough to save one Donkey.If you cant purebreed these rare Donkeys they will soon be gone forever.We think it as a social responsibility to save the oldest Animal usefull to Mankind from Extinction. We owe it to our Children.Because one cant artifically inseminate Donkeys it is necessary to have as many purbred Stallions of different Breeds .This is the Key to controled pure breeding.Here in the Sanctuary we also give Courses for species appropriate Animalrearing.A basic training of the Donkey is necessary so it can be usefull to the Owner.The Staff alone is big finacial Effort.Then come Saddle and Bridle and the moment we have mor than 60 Donkeys of various Breeds.The open and hilly Terrain should be fenced in another costly Effort.Also the Flora of the Mountain should be preserved.For that Reason we buy 70 Tons of Straw and 30 Tons Foraje (corn Cereal and Herbs) as basic Food plus 30 Tons of Grain.On top of that lots of Fruit and Vegetables.the Bills for the Vet and Blacksmith are also very high.The Maintenance of the Property plus Vehicles plus cost of Energy needs a lot of Money aswell.Every Liter of Water we have to bring up the Mountain.So to cope with all that we need every Sponsor so we can push this Project forward.As a Sponsor you can move around the VIP Area in an uninhibited Manner and we will be happy to cater for you and your Friends.Your Children or Grandchildren by Appointment can have a Ride on a Donkey or help in the Stables.By Public Events up here you are allways privilged and Etry is free.You will receive a VIP Card that will identify you as a Sponsor.With Partsponsorship the Foundation can decide which Donkey you are sponsoring.You want to become a Sponsor?What do you have to do?You just have to place a standing Order to the account of the Foundation and let us know per E Mail so we can put you on our List.we dont make any Contract though we ask you the Favor not to make any short Term Sponsorship it would only be a Burden for us.Better to make a small Donation.Every Cent helps to preserve our Donkeys.thank you that you took your Time to read this Information.
The Patronage of the Foundation