The Sanctuary


Since August 2008, the donkey sanctuary "Les Murtes", belongs to the

World Culture Donkey Heritage Foundation of Valencia (Fundacion el

Burro Patrimonio del Mundo de la Comunitat Valenciana).

Through this foundation, we hope to have at last a competent vocal

representation for the donkeys.

We also hope to establish, without interference, a permanent area for

different European donkey breeds and for donkey riding treks.

Alexander and Edith Aretz started "Les Murtes" more than 19 years ago

on 12 ha of land in the Jalon Valley, in the province of Valencia/

Alicante. Their dream was to safeguard those breeds of donkey

threatened with extinction, in particular, the Andalusian Giant, the

Catalan, Leon and the Poiton.

"Les Murtes" is a breeding sanctuary for them in Spain as, worldwide,

there are only 82 Andalusians, 300 Catalans, 60 Leons and 300 Poiton (

Breeding book A) left.

Neither must we forget those donkeys in need of help. Up to now, we

have helped more than 120 donkeys through our emergency rescue

operation. These numbers are still on the increase.

At the moment, we have 60 various donkeys living here.

The running costs of such a large enterprise are, of course, very

high. That is why we rely heavily on donations and partnerships.

To offset some of these costs, Alexander and Edith opened a

restaurant "La Cantina" and a souvenir shop at the sanctuary.


Opening times:

We are open to the general public between 11 h and 18 h, Wednesdays

to Sundays and closed Mondays and Tuesdays.