Atila & Sahra
Atila & Sahra

Please join us!

For over 20 years, we have tried and are still trying to rescue
donkeys in distress and safeguard those threatened with extinction,
through our breeding programme.
Keeping and nurturing this Foundation is a must for society.
Understanding this is not easy at first but the more you become
involved, the more you will understand the need for help here.
Please let us help you bring the donkey a little closer to you and
end his life in the shadows for good.
If you want to help, this is what you can do:
    * Money donation/transfer or when you visit (donation box located
at the feeding station)
    * Through partnerships
    * Voluntary work
    * Donate animal feed or material for the sanctuary
    * Become a sponsor or
    * Advertise our work
Your donations can be tax-exempt. At the beginning of the following
financial year, we will automatically issue a donation certificate.
You can, of course, cancel your donation at any time.
The donation account is:

Bank: Sabadell
IBAN ES85 0081 1068 71 0001032011



We need all the help you can give.

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