Edith und Alex
Edith und Alex

About us


"Do not dream your life but live your dream"


It takes a lot of patience, time & knowledge (and we have dedicated

much love and attention) to save the great races of Andalusian or

Cordobian, the Catalan Giant and the Poiton donkeys, from extinction.


Apart from the daily care of our donkeys, we also have to renew and

maintain the stables and carry out a lot of other work.

The continuing expansion and upkeep of our website also takes a lot

of our time.


"Les Murtes" is not only a sanctuary and a breeding place for donkeys

in Spain but also an emergency centre of international reputation for

distressed donkeys.


The running of our sanctuary is very expensive. We cannot do it

without external help.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years.


To earn the money to look after the animals we opened a kantina at

the sanctuary, which serves excellent meals.

(It is essential to book your table and pre-order your meal)

We are closed Mondays, Tuesdays,Wednesdays


Money from the souvenir shop with gallery and the sale of feed helps

us to carry out our work.


We look forward to your visit.


Edith & Alexander Aretz


of culture for the next century.

emergency centre for Donkey

Happy Donkey....Happy Donkey.....Happy Donkey

ill-treated donkeys.....ill treated donkes

The running of our sanctuary is very expensive.

Help the donkey is a social task